How it works

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In January, the Elite Tax Max Marketing Program begins. Our tax marketing program is a simple Web-based computer program that walks you through our tax organizer, and takes only a few minutes to complete. In addition to the two forms required by the Internal Revenue Service (8879) and our bank (contract), we also require photocopies of driver's licenses and Social Security cards for the taxpayer and spouse. Fax/Email these signed forms and all tax documents along with a printout from to the Elite Tax Max team.

Get Approved

Once the tax process is completed the refund can be forwarded to your dealership the day funds are available. With our refund advance product, our dealers can have access to a portion of their customer’s refund within 2-4 hours to be used as a down payment. Last year over 80% of Elite Tax Max customers were approved for a refund advance within 2-4 hours. A taxpayer can be approved for $0, $500, $1000, 25%, 50% or 75% of the refund.

Check Background

Approximately 2% of all refund returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service do not receive the funds because of back taxes, defaulted student loans, back child support, or other Treasury Debts. Therefore, if you plan on releasing the vehicle to the customer prior to receiving the funds, we highly recommend a credit check to determine credit worthiness as well as calling the FMS hotline (800-304-3107) to determine any offsets to the refund.

Get Refund

There are two ways for an Elite Tax Max dealer to receive the customer’s refund. They may either choose to have the customer’s tax refund be deposited onto a prepaid visa card or print the physical check at the dealership.

There are bank and transmission fees that can range from $89 - $299 that are deducted directly from the clients refund regardless of which method is selected.

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